Protect the Girl Child


The plight of the girl child, continues to remain the core and central theme of the human rights work, that I am involved in. I believe that in order to be effective in any form of advocacy work, we must be willing to share our own personal stories regardless of how big or small the platform may be. For our struggles and adversities are not our own, they are often embodied by sea of dull colors that subjugate a poor narrative. However, I am of the belief that when we decide to expose our battle scars, to those around us, we become stronger and learn how to humanize the plight of others, instead of only understanding or interpreting struggles through the eyes of statistical data.

It is my hope that if my story somehow resonates with your own personal journey, that you will have the courage to tell your truth to those around you, and you too will use your platform to uplift and positively influence the causes that are near and dear to your own heart.

 -Valeriana Chikoti-Bandua