It all started when…

When Valeriana watched an Oprah show as an early teen, sick at home, and heard Oprah's story of surviving sexual violence at such a young age that set a journey in motion for Valeriana to be challenged to one day share her story defy l odds to become a community leader.

As a former refugee from the nation of Angola, who survived homelessness, sexual violence and serious adversity at a young age. It would be a chance of a lifetime that allowed Valeriana to pursue her further studies in the US. An opportunity that allowed her to eventually graduate with her Master's degree at the Florida International University and eventually work as a diplomat at the United Nations. 

Valeriana professional experience, and educational background has allowed her to be come a thought leader in the area of community development and humanitarian causes. She is the founder of More Than A Refugee and the co-founder of Etali Design + Consulting LLC.